Atlanta Based advertising agency BG AD Group welcomed Vice President Joseph Biden on Tuesday March 4th to their Atlanta office. After watching the 2014 State of the Union address, BG AD Group Company President, Darien Southerland wrote President Obama and expressed his commitment to raise the minimum wage for BG employees. “Because providing a living wage is the right thing to do, I am going to follow your lead, Mr. President.”

At 2:30 pm Vice President Biden came to meet and thank Southerland, and Senior Account Executive, Jim Killgore.  Biden expressed his appreciation for BG AD Group’s stance on the proposed minimum wage increase and the courage to start a business in this economy.  Southerland and Killgore presented the Vice President a signed football.  Vice President Biden also signed BG’s “Wall of Fame”. The visit was covered by numerous media outlets including Reuters, AP and other outlets.

BG AD Group is an Atlanta Based marketing and advertising firm founded in 2012 and works with automotive partners including KIA and other dealerships, colleges and universities, major family friendly events and nonprofit ministries and organizations.