People always ask me, If you started out today as a new account representative for a media company what would you do to set yourself apart for the others?

So here are ten things you must do for a gatekeeper.….

  1. Always know the receptionist name.
  2. Always pay the receptionist a compliment.
  3. If the receptionist does not seem to be having a good day, ask her if there is anything you could do to help her.
  4. When you give your name to the receptionist always be polite, with PLEASE and THANK YOU.
  5. Always lift others up in your conversation because you have to remember, those people hold the keys to the kingdom. In addition reference something that you can always use as a topic of conversation
  6. when you talk to them again.
    When asking for something from them, always ask if you can have their info too. ( example email addresses) Make them feel important.
  7. If you represent a media property or product the receptionist recognizes, always offer to bring them something related to media property or product. (Example: receptionist loves Steve Harvey, and your station carries Steve Harvey …. Why not ask him to record a 10 sec greeting to the receptionist.)
  8. Always mail the decision maker a thank you note. Mail the receptionist one also!
  9. Never, never, never, make the receptionist feel as though their job is not important. They are the gate keeper who holds the keys to the kingdom you want to join.
  10. Always know the receptionist name. ( Now you are saying, Darien that is the same as number one) How do you expect them to remember your name without you remembering theirs?
    In closing, you never know, the receptionist you are calling on today maybe the decision maker tomorrow! You only get one chance to make a first impression!