On the morning of 9/21, we were zooming about in Gainesville.

Carriage Kia Gainesville hosted Pooches and Pigskins. Effectively merging two amazing topics, dogs and football!

The dogs from the rescue, chilling at the tent!
Our booth nestled next to the Shutterbooth tent!

The Fish (104.7) joined us and hosted a few contests, the contests were Most Spirited Dog, and Most Spirited Human. They also included a separate drawing for 1,000!
Our parade of spirited dogs were all very good sports, and the costumes were elaborate! The dogs greeted the judges with wagging tails and smiling faces! We had a first, second and third place winner.

This whole family felt the spirit!

Then came time for the human spirit contest! Let me tell you, some really went all out! We had a few spirit shouters, and everyone had a wonderful time!
Our photo-booth joined us for the first time this year, and it was a huge hit! We loved the ability to personalize the backgrounds, and our guests adored the GIF option!

We were lucky enough to have The German Shepherd Rescue of Georgia bring out two dogs for us to see, they were very well behaved and the volunteers loved the chance to educate the public on their mission.

Our Bouncy house is always a fan favorite, and everyone left happy that day!
Overall, the Pooches and Pigskins event brought out a lot of wonderful people and pets, everyone had fun, and we look forward to repeating the event next year! Maybe you can join us then!

See you next time!