for your bottom line.

When the BG Guy Darien Southerland or his staff gets on the phone, know this:

there’s some hard negotiating going down on your part. We love our clients, and our goal is to get maximum value for their budgets.

these Brands…

People just want to be treated fair

Whether you’re looking to do a media buy, build brand awareness, hire us to coordinate your next on-site event, or any number of things, we’re here to make sure it happens when it comes to your advertising dollars.
We’ll show you
what service really means.

At BG, we have a roll-up-our-sleeves-and-dig-in approach to work. We reckon our process is a lot like building a house, where in order to make things happen you need a solid, well-drawn plan, and a mess of folks willing to put in long hours of hard labor.
That’s what we think it takes to build the brand and make media buys successful, earn new prospect activation from previously untapped markets, or run a series of regional promotional events that win new brand fans. You can call or email us any time—day or night—and as long as there’s not an SEC college football game going on, we’ll holler right back.