Abraham Lincoln spent hours preparing his two-minute Gettysburg Address. From time to time I’ve reflected on the impact of those two-minutes in history. I then ask  I myself, “How much time and thought do I put into the words I speak?” My words may not have the impact of the Gettysburg Address. However, my daily conversations can leave a lasting impact. Today, with Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, and yes even face to face time, our opportunity to communicate is unlimited. What about those times I’m before a client, our BG Ad Group staff, a friend, family or spouse. Am I speaking off the cuff or am I thinking before I speak?  I encourage you to lead like Lincoln, think long and hard about what you’re saying.

Perhaps the greatest words you could speak today would be words of encouragement. The world is full of discouragers. My Gettysburg Address today could be a word or even two minutes of praise, or thanks, or appreciation, or encouragement. You may be someone’s “Lincoln” today! The message you’re delivering does matters.