On July 20th, Carriage Nissan hosted an event for Charlie Culberson fans to attend and get the autograph of their favorite player.

The BG Team had a lot of fun putting this event together, we had a PS4 giveaway, and acquired T-Shirts to hand to the public. Were we blown away by how many people attended! At least a hundred kids enjoyed our inflatable Batting Cage while their parents waited in line.

 Charlie made an announcement that he would stay over the time he agreed to, to sign every fans item. The Fans and Our Team thank you for being so sweet Mr.Culberson! Our turn out was larger than we expected, but our team did a wonderful job of keeping the event running smoothly.

Our PS4 winner was announced at 11, and he left with a big smile that day!

Overall, the BG team enjoyed this event, no one could have prepared us for the amazing turn out we were about to experience!

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible!