New Businesses and Branding


There a few ways that new companies go wrong with their marketing when just starting out. Many of these issues can affect their overall brand image. Not to fear! It’s never too late to rebrand or work out some kinks in the overall image of a new brand.


  1. While logos seem simple, it’s always better to get the best graphic designer to truly capture the brand and how the company wants to be represented. Hastily made logos can make any company look a tad unprofessional.
  2. Consistency in color schemes and exact logos are always important. After all, Tiffany Blue wouldn’t be recognizable as a brand if they hadn’t been using the same custom Pantone color since 1837. Keeping the colors in everything from logos to print ADs the same, creates a consistent feel for any company.
  3. Many companies lack a motto, but don’t forget how important mottos can be! Every brand needs something catchy that helps others remember the company. A great motto can go a long way.
  4. Make sure to pay attention to what other companies are up to. It’s always beneficial to know what is out there and how the new company compares. This can bring about ideas of how to keep improving.
  5. Know your customers! By knowing exactly who your company will attract as a customer helps to market to them specifically. Being able to recognize customers early helps to get new companies ahead!


By following a few tips, new companies can make sure not to make any simple mistakes that would impact their brand image. Keeping consistent in the eyes of customers and being careful with logos can go a long way!


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