What The BG Boys Are Saying About Ad Spending



Before we rang in the new year, we told our clients that marketers may be following dollar signs in 2017, as faulty Facebook tools are causing roughly half of advertisers to not spend on risky platforms, according to an Advertiser Perceptions survey released last week.

Even with half of advertisers not spending, the demand to spend on digital or social falls below 50% as well, according to the report.

With Google search advertising still on the rise, a minimal 8% of advertisers are still sticking with Facebook over Google, compared to the 36% who are throwing their dollars all at Google.

Advertiser Perceptions, Kevin Mannion, said that “while [Facebook] built up too much goodwill and success for the metrics restatements to automatically erode spending, they need to take the lead in third-party verification.”

All of this underway, still means no change in traditional marketing such as TV. Rob Silver, VP of Media at SapientRazorfish, says “”We are not seeing any of our clients pull away from digital platforms and shifting to TV or more traditional channels,”. Being said, even the biggest of ad buyers are apprehensive.

Advertising Perceptions polled 399 marketing executives from some of the top-spending agencies and marketers, it said. Roughly 40% of respondents came from marketers and 60% from agencies